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4 Dating Mistakes Women Make

The path to finding love can turn out be a difficulty one especially since we have no formula we can apply to make the search more effective. However, although there's no formula cut out for success there are many ways in which we can jeopardize our efforts unintentionally. Discover what are the most common dating mistakes women make and learn how to avoid them.

The desire to find love and build the perfect romantic relationship is instilled in our consciousness from a fairly early age. For most women finding love seems to be a primary condition on which they tend to base a huge part of their long term happiness. While romantic movies tend to give the impression that finding love can be something simple, experience has though us that this is seldom true. Instead, finding true love is often a tiresome process in which is filled with experiences that teach us valuable lessons about human relationships.

Although the process of finding love tends to be about trial and error we can prevent a lot of frustration if we know how to guard ourselves from the most common traps when it comes to dating that can have a long term influence over our love life. Here are a few red flags you should watch for when dating:

Being willing to settle
Many women, especially after being single for a while can fall in the trap of wanting to be in a relationship so badly that they are willing to go against their instincts and settle for a wrong guy. Many times women tend to go past the feeling of lack of chemistry or some other thing that they are bothered about thinking that it will eventually change for the better or that they are just being too picky.
However, most of the times, your female instincts are right so it's best to listen to them and make sure that you at least consider what they might mean instead of automatically dismissing them. Don't let your decision be based on the fear that you might not find someone better.

Hanging on to the concept of ''soul mate''
While it might seem counter intuitive, this concept can often more harmful than useful when it comes to the attitude women have about relationships. Many women can recall a situation where they or someone they know has had a much harder time getting over a breakup thinking that they have lost their ''soul mate'' and they would never find someone who would suit them as well as he did.
Another common mistake that derives from this concept as well is the tendency to ignore certain pieces of relevant information that you hear that might be contrary to what you might want.

This might be the common tendency to ignore the fact that your date might no be interested in a long term relationship thinking that he will eventually change his mind after the two of you spend more time together. More often than not, this mindset will be very prejudicial for your relationships, causing you a lot of dissatisfaction in the long run.

Not handling your emotional baggage well
The past hurts and sufferings can become an impediment for future relationships when we are unable to get the closure we need. While it might be one of the most difficult things that we have to do, we must make sure that we have forgave ourselves and and that we have let go of any prejudice that we might have acquired from our past relationships.
A common illustration of this fact is the tendency to compare your date with your ex.
Unless we are at peace with our romantic past we will have a hard time building a healthy relationship so we must make sure that we make time to solve our past romantic issues before moving on to a new relationship. Bringing on your emotional baggage on a date is also the surest way to sabotage your chances of developing a connection with date.

Looking for long term commitment signs too soon
A great chemistry and a feeling that you and the person you are dating have connected on a deeper level might make you eager to want to start a serious, committed relationship. While this tendency is completely natural and there's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, it's important to keep an accurate perspective when it comes to how your relationship is evolving and to avoid rushing things and getting anxious about the the moment when your relationship might become more serious. Let things unfold at their own pace and enjoy the process because in this way the chances of developing a good, healthy relationship will greatly increase.

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